Turning 18 is an exciting time in the life of any young adult. With new freedoms, come new responsibilities. U@18 is a program designed to inform graduating high school students about the legal rights and responsibilities that come with reaching the age of majority.

The U@18 program is presented to Kentucky students across the state by young attorneys who visit classes of high school seniors and lead interactive discussions.  Through a professionally produced video featuring ten skits, students encounter real-life scenarios dealing with a wide range of legal rights and responsibilities.  After each skit, the presenting attorney will engage students in a thoughtful discussion of the issues raised.  Topics include rights and responsibilities as a consumer, tenant, voter, driver, spouse, employee, and citizen, among other important subjects.

The U@18 program is an excellent way to inform older high school students about what it means to be a legal adult in the state of Kentucky.  The program is organized and presented by the Young Lawyers Division of the Kentucky Bar Association.  Materials for the program have been funded by grants of the Kentucky Bar Foundation totaling $32,500.

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